Collaborations include

3M, Angelus, Bloom, Comgas, Disney, Entrepno, Feathers from Brookside, Natura, Net, Nextgen, Pligg, Samsung, and others


Invent and make new product or service, create and develop ideas, improve human-machine integration, connect people's needs to emerging trends and technologies, design, prototype and test solutions, make the complicated simple and the complex understandable

By applying

User context research, market analysis, innovation strategy, ideation & co-creation, speculative design, product strategy & design, interface & interaction design, 3D & digital prototyping, venture design, brand strategy & identity, design engineering and production support

Currently at

Director / Fabiano Pottes Studio
Co-Founder / Bloom Futures
Maker / Stocks Tree
Curator / SearchFactory

UK / PT / BR

Fabiano Pottes