adult dentistry

New venture in child dentistry.

Most dentistry products are repurposed solutions from the medical industry, it's cheaper, regulated and market-ready. But it's not always fit to purpose, especially when treating children.

While developing an innovation project in adult dentistry we uncovered a business opportunity gap - to better serve the paediatric segment, with purpose-built products, services and a better experience.

We worked with Angelus to build this new venture from the ground-up and explore this untapped market. We helped envision the future of the industry, craft its business purpose, and define the portfolio and opportunity roadmap for the next 5 years. We also developed some of the products, the industrial design, name and identity under a friendly brand.



Human-Centered Research
Co-Creation Workshops
Opportunity Platform
Industrial Design
Packaging Design
Design Engineering

Nicole Unger
Amaro kanashiro

UK / PT / BR

Fabiano Pottes